Terms and Conditions

You shall comply with all instructions as may be given by MAZE Escape Room from time to time and observe all signs and warnings displayed at MAZE Escape Room Premises.

If you have any medical and/or physiological limitations of conditions, such as heart disease, pregnant woman, alcoholism, claustrophobic, mental illness and afraid of timid, you shall be solely responsible for obtaining all necessary medical advice prior to participating in the Escape Game.

MAZE Escape Room has the rights to refuse you entry to MAZE Escape Room Premises if MAZE Escape Room has reason to believe that you are under the influence of drug and/or alcohol.

You shall not carry any illegal, offensive, explosive, and/or hazardous items/articles, including without limitation weapons, illegal drugs, firearms, and/or chemicals, into MAZE Escape Room Premises.

You shall not be involved in any of the following activities:

conduct which may cause any disturbances to other users of MAZE Escape Room Premises or otherwise cause any disturbances to MAZE Escape Room in providing services to its customers or potential customers such as Vandalism such as taking down frames and causing damage to game props or hardcopy material.

conduct which may cause any harm or injury to anyone or otherwise put yourself, NPC or any person in danger such as violent and inappropriate acts, the game will be stopped immediately, and legal actions will be taken. Players shall not be entitled to a refund.

jumping, running and putting unnecessary stress (brute force) on any proper or equipment located on MAZE Escape Room Premises. You will take full responsibilities if found causing damage to any item, property or contents at the MAZE Escape Room.

Smoking, Eating and Drinking inside MAZE Escape Room Premises. Or else we provide. No outside food.

Take Note: If damages are made by the players, Maze Escape Room will have the right to charge the original price of the item, property or content.

You shall be responsible to ensure that you are dressed appropriately to participate in Escape Games safety. Reflective and glow in the dark clothing, shoes and accessories are not allowed in the game. Dangerous clothing item such as heels, roller shoe is not permitted to enter the MAZE Escape Room Premises.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, MAZE Escape Room will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of your clothing or other personal items while in MAZE Escape Room Premises.

Any devices, camera, smart glasses and watches are not allowed in the MAZE Escape Room. Recording of any kind such as video and voice recording are strictly prohibited inside the MAZE Escape Room Premises. The game will be stopped immediately, and legal actions will be taken when any person operates any kind of recording in the MAZE Escape Room Premises in whole or in part. Unless expressly permitted by MAZE Escape Room.

You acknowledge that even under the safest conditions of practice, MAZE Escape Room will not take any responsibilities to any injury caused or inherent risk which are beyond the reasonable control of MAZE Escape Room. MAZE Escape Room will not take responsibilities of any injury that is caused by dangerous acts such as moving heavy furniture and reaching out ceiling the game.

Event may be too intense for young children and minimum age requirement is 16 years old. Adult discretion is strongly advised for any person below the age of eighteen. If you participate together with any person under the age of eighteen, you shall be responsible for the safety of such person and shall ensure that such person complies with all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

MAZE Escape Room do not have refund policy for personal reason such as giving up half way or drop the game.



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