Curse of Snake Valley

4 - 8

Anna, a royalty noble with an adventurous soul went to the Sahara Desert for hiking. While she was hiking, she was attacked by a sandstorm. To survive, she ran into a cave to escape.
While hiding in the cave, she found out a mystery about the prehistoric of human origins and the origins of the desert. Unintentionally, she found a snake-shaped rod in the desert adventure. Therefore, she starts flipping through the history book but can’t find any information or any record about the snake-shaped rod. However, she knows that there is an inseparable relationship with snakes. After searching through various difficult checks, she discovered a mysterious tribe called ‘Snake Valley’. The mysterious valley is located in a remote area in Africa and the place is protected by the villagers. Since the ‘Snake Valley’ is a restricted area, no one ever dares to enter. Through satellite positioning, scientists have discovered the shadow of a temple-like building surrounded by a forest in the central zone.
Scientists were shocked by the discovery, was it the result made by the aliens or a continuation of the prehistoric of human origins?

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